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Many of us love that open concept, do you have it?

The kitchen is the meeting spot in the morning and in the evening to gather and spend
quality time. Between food preparation and family congregation, the kitchen is truly the
heart of any home. It should be a relaxing space that meets the needs of both the
people preparing the meals and the people enjoying the meals. With Browning
Renovations, we can remodel or update your kitchen by installing custom cabinetry and
countertops, tile work, and flooring. We can provide necessary repairs and modifications to
lighting as well as painting and patching. No matter your goals, our expert builders can
help you build your dream kitchen. It’s time for you to be a host and show off your new


Is it time to give this small room a big change?

While they may not be some of the largest rooms in the house, bathrooms are arguably
one of the most essential and often-used areas in any home. Not to mention a very
important selling feature. For this reason, a bathroom must be comfortable and efficient.
Poor layouts, dated features, and lack of maintenance may seem like minor
inconveniences initially, but it does not take long for them to become major retractions
from the enjoy-ability of your home. We can help you transform your bathroom into a
fresh, modern space.


Are you getting the most out of your basement?

While many of us use this room for storage space, when converted you will have wished
you did this sooner. We can turn your basement into a space that actually meets your
needs or the needs of your family. That could mean installing custom cabinet for that
additional storage space to keep organized, pot lights to give it a brighter and more
welcoming feel, or add an additional bathroom to add value and convenience to your
home. From game rooms to home theatres or gyms, there are no limits as to how useful
your basement really become.


Have you considered selling your house due to your current situation?

Don’t Let Your Mobility Limitations Chase You Out of Your Home. With an aging
population, these types of renovations are becoming more popular for us to stay in our
homes longer and there are ways to have the government help with this transition.
The primary issues seniors and people with mobility limitations come across in most
homes are:

Space –Most homes don’t have enough open space in the appropriate areas to allow easy
maneuvering for people with mobility limitations, particularly those in wheelchairs or

Access – Counters, cabinets, and storage areas are designed for easy access for people
who have no limitations on their reaching, bending or standing.

Safety – Storing heavy or large items, reaching across hot elements on the stove, retrieving
linens from a high shelf, taking a shower and other seemingly routine tasks can be very
dangerous for people with mobility limitations.

Here are a few ways we can help:

• Wider doorways
• Lower counters and table tops for ease of access, whether sitting or standing
• Lowered bathroom fixtures
• Brighter lighting for increased visibility
• Easy to grasp handles for all drawers and cabinet doors
• Handrails on both sides of all steps
• Reflective non-slip tape on all non-carpeted stairs
• Ease of movement, non-slip floors, and floor coverings
• Shower stall or bathtub seat, so you sit down while taking a shower
• Strategically placed handrails in your bathroom for greater ease of use
• Handheld shower devices to give you increased independence
• And many more…

Condo Renovations

Did you find the perfect location but need to upgrade the inside?

Renovating a condominium unit is not the same as renovating a single-family home.
With limited square feet in the GTA it’s important to use space wisely. We always
suggest you focus your efforts and smart planning on the kitchen, then the bathroom
since it’s the costliest renovation to complete but it can make the most impact on a
potential buyer.We are equipped with the expertise necessary to coordinate and
supervise apartment remodeling projects in your townhouse or condo. Whether your
remodeling plans are limited to a kitchen or bathroom upgrade or include a whole
apartment renovation, we have the knowledge and skills to transform your dreams and
open up the living space to enjoy that condo life.

Major Renovations

Do you want to fix the issue right, the first time?

The do-it-yourself trend may be ever on the rise, but when it comes to the major repairs,
it’s best to trust the professionals. Going the DIY route can result in a dragged out repair
time, leaving your home life in limbo as you make adjustments to accommodate the
damage and ensuing work. It can also result in worsening the problem and perhaps
spending more than you had to in the first place. We can help you through your major
repairs without trouble. Just leave it to us!